Travolta To Testify in the Bahamas

Here pictured is the cover story of today's Tribune in the Bahamas. Big news. John Travolta is coming to town to testify in the extortion attempt in the death of his son Jett. This case is scheduled for September 21, 2009.

As far as anyone knows, this is what happened. When Jett collapsed, the ambulance was called and a 47 year old ambulance attendant apparently took some photos with his cell phone camera of Jett's body. He also apparently had some incriminating evidence that the ambulance was not called promptly. Also there was a bit about who's care Jett was in while he suffered his death.

Well, the ambulance attendant contacted Pleasant Bridgewater, a lawyer and an ex-MP representing the PLP or Progressive Liberal Party. Bridgewater lost her seat in the last election by less than 50 votes. She went to election court for a recount and lost, and just last week, a judgement of a million dollars in legal fees for her opponent was delivered against her. Bridgewater represented the ambulance attendant in trying to extort $25 million from the Travolta's. She is so skewed ethically, that she thought that she would get a hefty retainer out of the $25 million.

In the extortion attempt, she was turned in to the police by a member of Parliament for Bimini West End, who represents the riding that Jett died in. His name is Obie Wilchcombe, the ex-minister of tourism. Bridgewater was a colleague and a member of the same political party as Wilchcombe.

This trial is due to start in September and could go into October, when the PLP party is holding a convention. It promises to be an interesting time, because some PLP members castigate Wilchcombe for turning Pleasant Bridgewater in to the law. Wilchcombe is trying to oust the current leader of the PLP, and most pundits agree that the convention will be a night of long knives. The Travolta case may figure politically in fortunes of the PLP convention.

Drama. You can bet that the courtroom will be full. I have something for the television crews coming to the Bahamas to cover the event. I have a spot with perfect view of the courthouse that I can rent out. Call me.

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