Potcake XV -- Economics

Potcake is Nassau's indigent, itinerant street philosopher who sells hubcaps and posts epigrams written on pieces of cardboard boxes. He then hangs them on his mobile business ... er ... shopping cart with along with the found hubcaps that he sells. He does a rip-roaring business because in Nassau every single street is potholed and the jalopies are losing their hubcaps all of the time.

Yesterday, he also had an advertising banner blowing in the wind. It was fashioned out of plastic bags from the City Market grocery store at Harbour Bay.

Potcake's topic was economics. His sign read:

  • "Potcake Says: Anudder day, Anudder Dallor --Gone"

Of course he meant to say "Another" instead of "Anudder" and "Dollar" instead of "Dallor" but he isn't exactly a poster child for literacy. Then again, maybe he is is.

The rest of my collection of Potcake sayings can be seen by clicking HERE.

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