Office of the Chief Technology Officer

So what does the office of the chief technology officer in the tropics look like? These pics will give you some idea of the sandbox. I keep my Bat cave dark, with the blinds drawn.

I have a bluetooth dongle taped to the wall. You can see it in the first pic. I send around files to each of the devices in my office via bluetooth. My keyboard is a rubber flexible keyboard.

I also have my P5 multi-sensor glove. The blue curved tower behind the second screen is the sensor array for the glove, pictured below.

I also have my webcam and biometrics login. Strewn around my desk are various RFID toys. Then you see a USB serial modem dongle. There are various cards, representing various card payment technologies that we use.

Atop the clamp on my desk, I have a GPRS modem that connects my SMS toolbox to the cell phone infrastructure on the island. The computer on the floor is a development box for an ACK/NAK server. The box perched on the edge is my SMPP toy that integrates payment technologies with SMS.

It also acts as a modem server for testing my payment widget ideas. I have to do a lot of admin stuff, but I am happiest when I close the door to my office, crank the Guns 'N Roses tunes and spooge code to make new things.

The neatest thing on my desk, are the Sergio Tacchini sunglasses. It reminds me everyday that I am in the tropics.

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