Notes and News

This pic is appropriate for today. The mangos are in season everywhere. It is also our brand name for various consumer financial products. And we are in the ripening stage both figuratively and actually in the business sense, in the seasonal sense and in the personal sense.

First of all, Tropical Storm Danny is a miss. It is now 370 miles to the northeast of Nassau and headed for Halifax, where it has no chance being a hurricane -- just a bad storm.

However Danny is causing some rain as I type this.

On the business sense, talks are firming up for the export of some of our financial products to the US mainland and other places in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America. We have a huge meeting tomorrow.

And the exciting bit for me, is that I have been invited to be one of the keynote speakers of the Bahamas Technology Expo in December. I also give a workshop on advanced web techniques. I am excited about this.

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