Night Portals to Paradise Island

I walked to the office last night. I missed my daily swim, and I needed the exercise, so I walked the three miles to the office at night.

I have to walk 1/2 the distance of Paradise Island where I live, over the steep harbour bridge (high to let the boats pass underneath) and then along East Bay Street to Harbour Bay which is near the office.

As I was on the bridge, I turned around to look at the toll gate. You cannot get onto Paradise Island unless you pay $1 toll. Luckily I have a transponder in my car, so I do not have to pay everytime I leave the island to go to work and shop.

In this time exposure, you can see the boats in the harbour in the foreground, and the sloping bridge ending in a toll booth (the lighted area). In the upper background, you can see the futuristic cupola of one of the Atlantis buildings, and to the left of that you see the Atlantis towers.

It was a hot and muggy night.

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