New Food Invention -- Roasted Toasted Capers

I accidentally came upon another food invention last Sunday. Regular readers of my blog will remember that my first novel food invention profiled here was sea grape syrup for pancakes. This new discovery came by accident as well.

I was roasting a chicken, and on a whim, I threw a handful of capers on the chicken in the roasting pan. After the chicken was thoroughly cooked, the capers on top were toasted and roasted. They were like little nuts. One rolled off. I tasted it and it was delicious. It was a flavourful, salty crunchy nugget of taste. I took another and another off the chicken. They were addictive.

I could see these things being added to Bits & Bites or in those Indian snacks or Japanese rice snack bits. They were a tasty toothsome morsel. And when see these things appearing in specialty food shops, remember that you read it here first.

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