Jellyfish Stings

When I arrived in the tropics after a stay in Canada, I was itching to get back to my swimming regimen on Cabbage Beach. I went down to the water, and it was roily and choppy. You somehow knew that tropical storms were blowing in the ocean.

Whenever this happens, the waves break off jellyfish tentacles and drive them to the beaches. Even though the tentacles are broken off from the beast, they still can swim. They are self-loaded nematocysts that spring on contact and drive venom under your skin.

Halfway through my swim, I felt a searing heat in my arm. I am used to jellyfish stings, and they are no more bothersome than say a mosquito bite. Not this one. It raised a huge Y shaped welt on my arm. Here is a pic:

That was Sunday. Today is Tuesday. The welt and itchiness is still there. It hasn't gone away.

I am wondering what species of jellyfish got me. I never have had a jellyfish welt for this long. It doesn't hurt any more. It just itches like hell. Common wisdom says that you pee on the welt and it gets cured. I think that I will stick with the itching for now.

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