Beautiful Women

I was coming over the bridge to Paradise Island, and there were flags flying from every lamp post. (Interestingly enough, I didn't notice a Canadian flag on either of the two side-by-side bridges.) I wondered why.

Later on, I went for a swim on the beach, and I saw a group of young women.

The thought forcibly struck me that the women were exceedingly beautiful. One woman, who was almost seven feet tall particularly stood out. I did realise what was going on until I turned on the TV. The contestants for Miss Universe are on the island. The almost seven-foot girl is Miss France.

I picked up Yves at the airport. He had just come from Montreal via Miami. On his flight, the captain came over the intercom and said that there were special guests on the plane ... Miss Nicaragua and two other contestants that I don't remember. Yves said that the whole plane was like a bunch of prairie dogs popping up to get a view.

I have to say, that the scenery is beautiful in the tropics.

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