Tropical Snakes

This is the first snake that I have seen in two years of living in the tropics. I have to look it up to identify it. It was killed by a bird, and has a couple of puncture wounds on the underside.

The kitties were quite wary of it, even though it was dead.


Kelly said...

Hi! I found your blog yesterday when looking up info on Karla Homolka (not a surprise to you, I'm sure!) I saw this entry and found this about snakes in the Bahamas:

Perhaps this snake is not indigenous? It looks a LOT like this, the scarlet snake:

If it is the scarlet snake, it's not poisonous and it's common in the US, from Long Island, NY to Florida.

Your blog is very interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/insights/adventures!


Caine Mutiny said...

Hey Kelly,

Thanks for your comment,and looking up the snake for me. It certainly does look like the scarlet snake -- even to the dot on the top of the head. There are some differences though -- they certainly are related.

Thanks for reading.

PS -- I have been to Ardastra Gardens. It is an amazing place. You can get within touching distance to a flock of flamingos.