Things That Need Inventing - Improved Beer Bottle Cooler

This is part of my continuing series on how to get rich by inventing things. I provide the idea and you do the work, and when you get super rich, you will remember where you got the idea.

Now, for this idea, I have to admit that it is not my idea. The idea belongs to Mike, who is the captain of the super-yacht called the Destiny (I have profiled the Destiny earlier in this blog).

Here in the hot tropics, a beer bottle cooler is a must unless you gulp your beer in nano-seconds. Otherwise you will be drinking warm, insipid beer much like in an old English pub. So Mike puts on the foam rubber cooler that cools and insulates the cold beer. However, his problem is that he sets his beer down, and then after a few minutes cannot find it. That isn't a problem for most of us, but you have to remember that Mike's boat is over a hundred feet long and has a jacuzzi.

So Mike wants me to invent a beer bottle cooler with a clapper like device, that when you clap or whistle, it responds.

I upped him. I want to put a small device on the pull ring (waterproof of course) that not only sounds out where the bottle is, but has a couple of other functions. One of them is an MP3 player so that you can have music when drinking your beer.

The second thing is a sensor at the bottom that tells you when you are nearing empty -- something like an electronic gas guage, all connected of course to the audio warning system.

One of these should sell like hotcakes.

I have all sorts of ideas that need inventing. To see some of them, click on this link:

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