Surf The Web Privately Part II, Blocked Referrers

When I examined the web analytics for my blog recently, I saw a pile of "Blocked Referrer" entries. In the past couple of months, I profiled, where one could go to their site, and using their proxies, surf the web anonymously. You may find that article by clicking HERE.

I thought that the inventors of Scroogle had a winner of an idea. Everyone likes their privacy at one time or another. However they are not going to get rich from their idea, because of the new Google Browser called Google Chrome.

As it turns out, my blocked referrers probably came from Google Chrome. Chrome has the capability of opening a browser tab and surfing the web anonymously.

This fact is amazing because Google makes most of its money from webvertising, and its efficiency in doing so is garnered from knowing where the buyers on the web came from.

Conspiracy theorists would ask the question: "Does Google block the referrers of Google Chrome to everyone except its webvertising clients or web analytics?" Enquiring minds want to know.

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