Spending the Summertime Naturally High

Another Sunday in Paradise, and I will be able to sneak a few hours off for some beach time. Yesterday, I got my swim in, swimming half the length of Cabbage Beach. I did go to the office, but I didn't feel cheated out of a Saturday, because after my swim, the sky got dark and it started to rain.

Today the sun is shining in the tropics, and I'm going to soak up the sun. I am to meet a friend, Susi from Munich Germany, on the beach and perhaps later on we will catch a burger and a beer at the harbourside Green Parrot.

The "Lyrics For Your Life" karaoke machine in my head is in overdrive. (Readers of the blog will know that I have song lyrics for every occasion spontaneously pop into my head.) Today, not only will I be as Cheryl Crow says, "soaking up the sun", but I will, as Elton John sings in Texan Love Song, I will be "spending the summertime naturally high". Carole King finishes this off with her lyrics, "these are the good old days". And so they are.

P.S. The catamaran pictured here belongs to fellow Canadians, Wes and Janice, who sold everything and live on the boat. They were baking bread when I boarded the boat.

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