Roach On Your Bread

Poor Monica. She is a marketing assistant at the office. She went to the chocolate milk container to make herself a cold chocolate milk:

When she opened it an peered inside, this is what she saw:

The mystery was how the cockroach got into the sealed container.

However just the day before, Monica bought her lunch at Mrs. Ramsey's Mobile Canteen parked on Kemp Road near East Bay Street in Nassau, adjacent to the Esso On the Run Station.

Monica ordered barbecued ribs and rice. She had an extra Cracker Jack-like prize included. It was a tasty protein morsel of roach in sauce:

The Bahamians have a saying "Roach on yer Bread" or 'getting roached'. It means that someone else is having sex with your spouse or significant other.

Roach on yer rice is something different. According to the Terminex commercial, roaches carry 33 communicable diseases. In this tropical roach paradise, there are no real health inspections for mobile food canteens. They are not even licenced. That is why I prefer to buy my food from the supermarket and prepare it myself.

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