Rest and Relaxation on a Private Island

I have been working incredibly long and hard lately and a couple of friends (Stephanie and Shelley) invited me to accompany them for a day of rest and relaxation on a private island a few miles offshore. The Lovely One is up North and couldn't accompany us.

We arrived at an incredibly beautiful beach. We swam, and went spearfishing. I found myself in a school of jacks. I speared the biggest one, only to have a barracuda rush in and grab my fish. We grilled hamburgers and sausages instead, and washed it down with beer.

Then some more friends showed up in a big boat, and Shelley and I hitched a ride back to Nassau in the big boat.

It truly felt like a festive holiday, and it was a marvellous way to wash away the stress of my job in the tropics.

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