Rain Rain Go Away

This past week in Freeport, I have never really been dry. If I didn't get rained on, then it is hot and muggy and soon I am dripping sweat to the point that my shirt is soaking wet. There hasn't been any in-between normal weather that is the hallmark of the Caribbean Basin. I haven't been swimming on the beach in close to a week.

The marked difference from this time last year, is the intense and almost constant thunderstorms and violent rain showers here in the tropics. It certainly is not dry. This has an added dimension for me, because I spend a lot of time in small airplanes commuting back and forth to Freeport from Nassau. They are the plane rides from hell.

The pilots fly by the seat of their pants, twisting and turning the plane to avoid the severe turbulence inside the anvil column of a thunderstorm cell. The ride is still bumpy and scarey. There have been several moments where the plane drops and your stomach is in your throat. When the plane starts to fly again, the jolt is sharp like a huge bump.

As I write this, it is raining in Nassau, and I hear the thunder. It is gray and dreary outside. The only one happy about this, is the mocking bird in the palm canopy, singing his heart out.

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