Focus Groups

For the past two nights, my colleagues and I have been huddled around this TV set at a marketing company. On the other side of the building in the boardroom, they assembled focus groups -- core groups of a representative demographic to whom we want to market our money cards. We were discretely watching the proceedings over closed circuit TV.
It has been a fascinating insight in the lives of the people here. These are some of the nuggets that I have gleaned.
  • Quote: "Who can afford to go to church these days?"

  • Quote: "I stopped going to clubs because I am tired of running for my life."

  • Our assumptions about the unbanked in this country have been validated. Only 30% have access to cheques, and banks accounts.

  • Quote: "My cell phone is an extension of my body."

  • Sixty-five percent of the higher socio-economic group use their cell phones as alarm clocks.

  • 100% of the focus group members, both of the lower and higher socio-economic groups have cells phones.

  • Only 30% of the lower socio-economic group were fully employed (ie. not part time or casual)

  • Only a very small percentage of people eat a formal breakfast.

  • The average person eats out at least once a day.

Watching these proceedings was more interesting than watching TV.

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