Chinese Cyber Spies Hack Australian Film Festival

The cowardly Chinese are at it again. The government-sponsored hackers attacked the website of Australia's largest film festival on Saturday last. The reason that they did this was because the festival was showing a film on Rebiya Kadeer (pictured above). Rebiya leads a group of ethnic people in China called Uyghurs who want democracy from the nasty, human-rights violating machine that is the Chinese government.

I have personal reason to castigate the Chinese, because they have launched hacking attacks on my own servers. I was mentioned on a CNN online page about Chinese cyber spying. You can see my collection of blog posts on the subject by clicking here.

The Chinese hackers bombarded the Australian film organizers with emails filled with f-words, calling them racists and haters of the the Chinese people. It called for an apology to the Chinese people.

The amazing thing is that billions of Chinese don't ask the obvious question. The obvious question is why they tolerate the abuse of their own human rights. The obvious question is why they tolerate a state machine that dictates their actions and represses and censors their information.

The Chinese hackers do not realise that they are emasculated eunuch attack dogs of a self-serving few who call themselves the Communist Party. Their energies would be better served trying to free themselves of the tyranny of the Chinese government, rather than being two-bit tinpot mouthpieces for a corrupt, truth-denying political machine.

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