A Bahamian Idyll

It was a sunny, sunny Sunday in Paradise. It epitomised the Fludd lyrics "we were down by the sea, it was a holiday". It was a stolen moment from a hectic work schedule. For that day and moment in time, it was my place in the sun, where my restless heart stopped running for an afternoon, and I reveled in the peace and serenity of my circumstances.

I had just returned to the boat with my spearfish and my catch, from the nearby reef. I stretched out in the sun as the warm rays dried me off. The capricious zephyrs rocked the boat and me with it. And once again "Lyrics for your Life" ran through my stream of conciousness. "Lyrics for your life" is something that happens inside my head. I can encapsulate any life situation with song lyrics. At the particular moment that I snapped this pic, it was Cheryl Crow:

"I ain't got digital,
I ain't got diddly squat,
It's not getting what you want,
It's wanting what you got!
I'm gonna soak up the sun !!!!"
And so it was.

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