Anti Virus Comparisons

I have been through hell lately with a severely infected computer. As it turned out, the machine was infected with Trojan.Win32, TR/Dropper.Gen Trojan, Win Backdoor, and a worm virus that manifested itself under many names. In addition there was Adware which popped up porn pics of Brazilian nudes. (A colleague asked to have that one installed on his machine).

These were serious infections. I didn't have time to benchmark, or to do anything fancy. I needed a cure. There was Symantec loaded on the machine. It identified the Backdoor virus, and said that it cleaned it out, but after a reboot it detected it again (and again and again). Symantec was impotent, even after I followed the removal instructions.

I then went to The scan took all night, and told me that I had some infections and it wanted me to pay to remove the infections. Waiting all night wasn't worth that.

I then downloaded AntiSpyware. It told me after a scan that all I had was some tracking cookies, that were of low risk. I moved on.

I decided to try SuperAntiSpyware. This program was great at identifying all of the variant of viruses and trojans that I had infecting the machines. It asked me to pay to get rid of some of them. The scan also took a long long time.

Finally nearing desperation, I tried AVIRA. You can find it here:

The download was quick. It then updated the database and the scan was blazingly quick. It then completely cleaned the machine in one pass. I then tried it on another computer, and it found a virus in an ISO image that wasn't even activated yet.

To me, AVIRA is the best anti-virus package on the web and the good news is that it is free for personal use.

AVIRA saved me a lot of grief, and saved me a lot of time, and I highly recommend it.

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