And They Stole The Dog Too

This tropical paradise isn't a tropical paradise in some sections. Crime is systemic, endemic and pandemic when you have an economy based on tourism, a downturn in the economy, and a marginalised, poorly socialised, functionally illiterate population of over a quarter of million crammed onto an island 21 miles by 7 miles and a lot of it is brackish swamp.

A major hotel laid off 1,500 workers and many people sell pre-paid phone cards on the street to make ends meet. Here is an email that is circulating in these islands:

Yesterday at 2:30pm, my friend was returning home from taking her 4 month old puppy to the vet and as she was getting out of her car in Camperdown to go into her house, she was attacked by a man who came through the trees and demanded her handbag.

She was holding onto the leash as he threw her to the ground, and as he struggled to get the bag, the retractable leash broke and he ran away with her handbag AND her beloved puppy.

My friend was taken by ambulance to the hospital, due to the extreme blow to her head and cuts and bruises. She was later discharged and stayed at a friend's house last night.WE NEED TO FIND SOPHIE!!! She is the love of my friend's life and she is absolutely distraught!!

There is a $ 500.00 reward, no questions asked. Tel 427-0841

The puppy's name is Sophie and she is bigger now than she is in the pictures where she was only 7 weeks old. She just had her face groomed last week and she has 4 beads on her right ear. She is white and has fluffy hair. Please look out for Sophie and tell everyone you know and be careful.

Nation-building is tough in a place where most of the populace is complacent and inertia reigns supreme.

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