Ahoy Havanna

A few years back, some enterprising Cubans hankering to put some ocean between themselves and the Castro brothers welded pontoons and a bow to an old green truck and set out for the United States, an episode which you may have seen in the news. Sadly, the U.S. Coast Guard took a dim view of the escapade and sunk the craft after taking aboard the crewmen.

A couple of years ago, a Miami car dealer had the equally enterprising notion that a recreation of the M/S Chevy would be a first-rate piece of P.R. among his mostly Cuban customer base. A hundred grand and a few buckets of green paint later, herewith the result. Now this is admittedly a bit spiffier than the original, what with the Cuban flag upholstery and all, but it is unlikely you'll run into anything like this out on the Interstates up there in America. Eat your heart out, Hummer owners.

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