Things that I have learned this Sunday

I came back after overnighting in Freeport on business. Things that I have learned:

1) If you have a BMW with an RFID chip in the key, and the only way to get a replacement, is to get a dealer to send to Bavaria to get one, never toss your car key on the hotel table and forget it. I am without a car.

2) If you want to be unpressured, never take your spouse on a business trip.

3) If you hadn't thought of a way for technology to fail, that will be the way that it will fail.

4) I met with the IT (Information Technology) Officer on a cruise ship. It doesn't sound like fun, living on the ship 24/7 for 6 months and then getting two months off.

5) Cruise ships have all the toys.

6) You can never go back. I visited the hotel in Freeport that I stayed at as a young man. Two successive hurricanes destroyed it, and now it is a shell of a building sheltering transients. The windows are blown out.

7) The golf course that I almost bought when I had the money is still for sale. This time around I am not tempted.

Freeport does not have the same allure that it did for me when I was 17 years old.

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