Social Anthropology Experiment Part II

Here is my second social anthropology experiment on this blog. Look at the faces. They are all men except for one woman in the bottom center.

What can you tell from a face? Do you know the common thread that ties all of these faces together?

These faces are the faces of violent criminals. Those with a red asterisk * are actually murderers.

How did I come across these pictures? The police here at the keystone cops. They are largely inept. They are too lazy to issue parking and speeding tickets. Many of those that are not inept are usually corrupt.

Each month, a document is circulated of released prisoners.

One of the police officers sent it to one of his non-police friends. That is all it took to get into the public domain. This is a small place, and the document eventually ended up in my email box.

The most hilarious crime if you can call it that appears in the pic below:

The guy was jailed for sacrilege. That usually means swear words using religious terms. What a Mickey Mouse penal code! Oh my God, I just broke the law !!!

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