A reader writes:

A reader writes:
I have ideas on inventing things for the public. What do I do?

I guess that the reason that I am the focus for such queries, is that I have a regular feature on this blog called "Things That Need Inventing". You can see the spectrum by clicking on this link:

Where I have failed, is that I have not told my readers what to do after they invent the things that I think of. So I will help you there as well -- no charge.

Well, the first step is to build a prototype. This will tell you that your invention works. The second thing is to patent it. Then you have to market it.

One of the ways of marketing it, is to submit it to the two most famous pitchmen in the world, Sully and Billy Mays. They have a new show on the Discovery Channel called The Pitchmen and they are always looking for new products.

The submission form is online. You can find it here:

If they choose your (our) product, they will create an infomercial and market it on TV using Direct Marketing like the Shopping Channel.

The criteria for new product submission is this:

1. Solve a common problem? YES____ NO____

2. Is it highly demonstrable? YES____ NO____
3. Is it new and unique? YES____ NO____
4. Does it have a patent? YES____ NO____
5. Mass market appeal (is it for all ages, races, sexes)? YES____ NO____
6. Does it have a perceived high value? YES____ NO____
7. Is it considered to be a “prevention” product? YES____ NO____

There you go. All of the invention info that you need to market my invention ideas.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the importance of hiring a reliable patent laywer-you know,the type that won't suddenly re-locate to the Tuks and Caicos with your investment capital....