Is Technorati Dying ?

Technorati was a market leading in the blog ranking field. They participated in the blogsphere becoming an integral part of the internet, an integral part of the blogsphere becoming a newsmaker, and a shift of internet authority from the established media to the "blogcensus" that we see today. (The word blogcensus is used to describe the phenomena where thousand of blogs opinions are tabulated on any given issue and the concensus or blogcencus is deemed the majority opinion. In other words, this is another manifestation of the "the crowd is always right" law.)

Back to Technorati. Back in March they said that they were moving their colo. I do not know what a colo is, other than the fact that it involved moving a hundred machines. On the support blog, they said in March, something to the effect that all systems were go.

Fast forward to May 8. There were intermittent postings about problems. If you examine the screen capture above, you will see a small notice saying that "Maintenance the colo move continues". That was the last radio contact from the floundering ship. A few weeks ago, their rankings engine stopped working. There has not been another radio transmission since then. Top blogs are automatically updated on the home page, but when you click past the headlines, nothing works. I think that this is an automatic function that continues autonomously like the computers that transmitted data when Air France 447 broke up, or when the Challenger exploded, bits and pieces still continued to transmit telemetry.

Say it aint so. But it looks like Technorati is dying -- slowly slipslding away. The patient's vital signs are shutting down.

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