Dilly Sherbet Recipe

Dillies or Sapodillas are in season. When I bought mine a couple of weeks ago, it was rock hard. I let it ripen with the bananas until it was mushy. Here is my sapodilla recipe for blender sherbet.

I skinned the dillie with a knife. I broke the flesh up into chunks, and threw in a broken up banana as well. I threw in a cup of half and half cream, and a huge dollop (two tablespoons) of honey. I then added most of a tray of ice cubes.

This is what it looked like.

I hit the grind button until it became smooth and then I went to the high speed. After it was all smooth, I put the whole blender pitcher in the freezer for ten minutes, and then served it. It was delicious.

Sapodilla or dilly tastes like pumpkin pie. It is surprisingly sweet.

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