Amos Ferguson

This painting is worth about $50,000. It is a depiction of Christ entering Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday. It was executed by a local artist named Amos Ferguson, who paints in the "Naive" school.

The Naive School is a simplistic mode of painting that has little or no perspective. There are very few gradients in the colour and painting elements are cartoon-like.

Amos Ferguson is a self-taught Bahamian painter who has become eminently collectible, and personally rich from painting. He seems to capture the tropical spirit and colours. The American Museum of Folk Art has deemed Ferguson as the genuine article and as a result of this anointing, the rich art patrons in the Bahamas have driven his prices into the stratosphere.

This painting was probably a commission, and executed before he could command the prices that he does today. It hangs in a local church.

Some early Ferguson's have archival issues, because he painted them on cardboard with found paints, however that is not an issue today.

If you take a look in the corner, the artist doesn't sign his work. The writing says "Paint by Amos Ferguson".

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