The Water Executive

I owe this man a dollar. He is a water sales executive. He is sitting in his office, presiding over his business domain.

I was walking to the office from a haircut. It is a Saturday, and on Wednesday I am leaving to fly to Miami, then to Marseille in France. The Lovely One and I are staying at a cosy little gite in Provence. I need to look presentable and ungeekish to all of the Lovely One's cultured friends living in the Luberon Valley. So Anton, my barber cut my hair today.

I am working like crazy to get some software deployed. That is why I am working on a Saturday. As I walked to the office, I passed a vacant lot. This gentleman had his desk under a magnificent, giant silk cotton tree. These trees look like majestic elephants.

In front of his desk, he had a card table with a cooler. Inside he had water. Strung around on some rope, he had little bags of chips and snacks hung on with clothes pins. It look like a convenience store laundry. He asked me if I wanted a water.

It is a hot humid day today in paradise, and a water would go down fine. I had just a twenty in my pocket. The most that my water executive had, was seven one dollar bills. That was his entire float.

He gave me the bottle of water, and told me that he was at his desk every day. This is the second time that I have been trusted with owing money. The last time was when I bought lobster from a fish monger.

I tell the Lovely One that I have a trusty face. It may be ugly, but it sure is trusty. Can I borrow a slow $100 from you? Trust me, I am good for it.

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