Things That Need Inventing -- The Better Dumpster

I was passing this dumpster on the way to work, and immediately the need for a new invention was evident. Dumpsters are already going high-tech. A business associate of mine spearheaded a project to put RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags on dumpsters so that when they are emptied, the exact date and time is recorded and sent back over a WiFi link.

In my mind, dumpsters need two more systems. The two needed systems may be linked. The first thing that is needed is a fly control mechanism. If you click on the above pic to get a larger image, you will see that the top of the dumpster is covered in flies.

The second thing that is needed, is an odor control or odor elimination system. The person that invents these two things and they work well, will be a millionaire.

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