Strange Weather Patterns

The weather has been incredibly strange in the tropics. It has been unusually cool and rainy. Yesterday a violent thunderstorm ripped through and it rained most of the day. Usually rains last ten minutes and they move on.

During the night there were violent winds and the patio was covered with windblown debris. The cats were all huddled at the entrance on the only dry part of the patio waiting for their breakfast.

Usually I swim in the ocean every day. However I have been swimming just once since I got back from France. The ocean has been roily, flecked with whitecaps, and not at all pleasant to swim.

The winds have played havoc with this island's crumbling infrastructure. Yesterday the roof collapsed on the police headquarters housing criminal records:

This is just great news for criminals. The keystone cops here have major murders unsolved and couldn't investigate their way out of a paper bag, and now the criminal records system is crippled. Have another beer, and let's go to the beach. Ooops, the weather has been too lousy for the beach.

The good news is that a tropical storm with hurricane potential formed off Grand Cayman and the dissipated into a nothingness of wind and rain. One of the factors of a major hurricane season is high temperatures. It looks like the cold weather will keep the number of hurricanes down, and we will be in hurricane season shortly.

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