Sicko Female Murder Accomplices

Here we go again. I idly checked my blog statistics and discovered that today, my hits increased by a close to 1000%. I had to check out why. Most of the extra hits were coming from Facebook. And then I realised why.

In Canada, a couple was arrested in the abduction and murder of eight year Victoria (Tori) Stafford of Woodstock Ontario Canada. The man is 29 year old Michael Thomas Rafferty and the woman is 18 year old Terri-Lynne McClintic.

McClintic was responsible for abducting the child from her school and was caught on video camera. Rafferty putatively and allegedly abused the child and murdered her.

This is the Facebook pic of Rafferty who seems to be somewhat illiterate in his spelling.

This is the Facebook pic of McClintic.

Now where this blog comes in, is that people are drawing parallels between McClintic/Rafferty and Bernardo/Homolka. And as you know, this blog has become the Karla Homolka blog, because of some stupid newspaper article in the Bahamas based newspaper the Tribune, which I idly quoted in a blog article. It turns out that the reporter was just rehashing internet rumours about Homolka and it appeared on the front page of this tropical newspaper which I read most days.

But we come back to sicko couples. The question was posed in the Paul Bernardo case as to why Karla participated in such depravity. Now Karla had to be pretty sick herself, but at least one psychologist posited the view that Karla acted in this way as a spouse retention strategy due to low self esteem.

Certainly in the McClintic/Rafferty situation we have a 29 year old man in a relationship with an 18 year old teenager. You can't tell me that it was an equal relationship in terms of the power structure.

So once again, we have vulgar atrocities and horrific violence committed by sexual partners. It still begs the question as to why a female can be so dominated by a man, that they would commit acts that anyone with the slightest conscience would consider repulsive.

Canada is a great country, and Karla Homolka and Terri-Lynne McClintic did things that are extremely un-Canadian -- or is it? Once may be a coincidence, but twice is tending to a pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Are you actually suggesting that this type of crime is commonplace in Canada? Or a 'Canadian' thing to do? Are you ignoring all the terrible crimes that happen in countries all around the world?

Talk about ignorance...

Caine Mutiny said...

To the poster above. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would know that social satire is just one tool in my arsenal.

Canadians are a breed of navel gazers, and proud yet insecure at being Canadians. I count myself as one of them.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that there is no charge for abuse on Tori. There is no body yet therefore no evidence to suggest abuse. And for the it not posssible that Terri-Lyn is the one who concocted this whole thing. Is it so hard to believe that the man was dominated by the woman. I've know this guy for for years and he's always striving to make people happy. Maybe he was just trying to make her happy. Or maybe he's just innocent all together.