Secrets of Getting More Hits on Your Blog Part IX

Do you have a blog and think that if you could just get some traffic to it, readers would become mesmerized and return again and again. That is the Holy Grail of getting hits -- getting people to come to your blog in the first place. I made an accidental discovery about how to do this in the Google blogsphere.

Obviously I blog on It is owned by Google. They make it easy to blog. You can start a blog in less than 5 minutes. I decided to document my stream of consciousness in the tropics with this blog so I started my first blog -- Cosmological Cabbage.

I started the second one almost by accident. I went to a small highschool (of only 600 students) and I was the yearbook photographer. I have a mass of negatives (some abused) that had not seen the light of day in many many years. Before I came to the tropics, I bought a Canon scanner that could scan negatives and slides. I scanned all of my negatives and put them on my external USB hard drive.

A month ago, I decided to put them on the web for posterity. Our old high school doesn't have very many tracks on the Internet. So I created OCHS was the highschool name.

That blog doesn't get very many hits. I expect only about 600 -- the entire population of the school. On Saturday, I made my usual entries, and then decided that I would reformat my blog so that all the names of students and teachers were in bold.

You can see it in the activity graph that I use to track my hits. At 8:00 AM, I made 44 changes to my blog. I then went to work. Four hours lately I idly checked the hits and was astonished to see 56 more hits all in a row. I looked up the referrer and that is when I made my discovery.

If you blog with blogspot and Google, at the top of the blog is a navigation bar. It has a link called "Next Blog". There are millions and millions of blogs on Google and getting your blog listed as "Next Blog" is almost impossible. I have discovered the secret to doing so.

If you are sitting there with your lonely blog and want a whole pile of visitors come your way to read your pearls of wisdom, here is the recipe. Make changes to every single entry and re-publish them. Google likes a lot of action on a blog. When it sees the action, it pops your blog inthe "Next Blog" list, and all of a sudden you have your increased visitors. It is up to your content to keep bringing them back.

Apparently fresh content is the name of the game as well when it comes to Google ranking in the search engines. If you add content every day, your website will come higher in the search results when someone searches for a key word in your website.

The funny part about my increased hits, was that many of them came from countries like Sweden and Italy, where they would have no interest in old pictures from a small Canadian high school.

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