Jellyfish Season

Above is the entry to my favourite part of the beach -- Snorkeller's Reef. Just beyond are a couple of wall reefs and some good snorkelling. However it is jellyfish season. Thousands and thousands of jelly fish have hatched and sometimes they are like a cloud as you swim through them.

Of course when you go through the cloud, you keep getting stung. The stings are not as pernicious as the full fledged jellyfish tentacles. And if one touches you, you are not necessarily stung, as they are small, small juveniles.

These juvenile hatchlings are sometimes called sea lice. Most of the stings come when they get trapped by bathing suit fabric. Many locals advocate swimming nude to as a way of abating bites.

The worst of the jellyfish season is from Mother's Day to Father's Day -- May to June. I have been stung by jellyfish so often that it is now just a minor irritation. However, there is a species that looks like it has a brown ring around it. Those bites hurt and last a half an hour on me, and raise welts. The locals tell me that if I have a lot of venom in me and my resistance is high, then I will not develop arthritis in later life.

And speaking of venom, a couple of weeks ago I was gathering sticks to light the barbeque. The Lovely One rarely permits me to use a gasoline-type accelerant, so I have to light a small wood fire atop the coals. I disturbed a nest of tropical hornets. I have been stung by hornets before. The pain is intense, but after a half an hour everything subside. Two of these tropical buggers got me on the thumb. My hand was swollen for a couple of days.

I half expected my thumb to turn black, rot and fall off. That obviously didn't happen, and for that, I suppose that I can give TWO thumbs up.

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