Get Rich Inventing Things

Blog readers of Cosmological Cabbage can get rich by inventing things. You don't even need the original idea. I'll supply that. I have a fertile imagination and we all know what makes things fertile. So I will provide the Eureka moment, you do the inventing work, and you can get rich. I have all sorts of ideas that need inventing. To see some of them, click on this link:

Before you do, you may want to read this post first. There are some revolutionary ideas here that you may want to attempt first.

Here's a big idea that may revolutionise the porn industry. I have a pic of a guy that was squashed flat by a Mac truck here in the tropics. It is a particularly gruesome pic. I don't want to post it for fear of offending the general public, but for fans of the gruesome, there should be a way of controlling the viewing access. Eureka, I have it. Make a smart pic as below:

You click on the blue area, and a password box pops up. You enter the password and you can see the whole pic unobstructed.

This will revolutionise the porn industry. You could have various shaded areas with different passwords, and you can pay to get the passwords. That way you can see as much as you can afford.

Your welcome! If you figure out how to implement this idea, you will be richer than ... sin!

Here is the next idea that will make you rich:

No it's not a nose thermometer. What I propose, is not invented yet. What I have to say about the above pic is the standard catalog disclaimer "NOT EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED !".

The invention that I propose, is a personal olfactory repository. What it is, is a lock box and saver for your favourite smells.

Here is how this idea came about. When I used to wear male fragrances, the Lovely One was particularly enamoured with a scent made by AXE called Unlimited. It puts her in the romantic mood. This particular scent is worth its weight in gold to me. Alas, it was discontinued.

However the tropics are a bit of a backwater, and there is still a considerable stock of the stuff here. The thought struck me, that I would like to be able to put away some of this smell, and crack it open when we are in our eighties. It might ignite something.

It would be nice to put away smells that are significant to you. One idea is to save the smell of Christmas Turkey cooking in 2009 when all of the family is about. Then you could open it years later and experience the same smell experience.

I envision finding a way to lock up the smells and put them in a lockbox as picture below. Once again that I have to caution you that the picture below is "NOT EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED !".

There you have it. Two ideas that will make you rich if you invent them. And the thinking is done for you. Send cash !!

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