Freeze Bananas and Other Postcard Notes From a Third World Country

What happens when you freeze bananas? Can you freeze bananas? Are frozen bananas edible? I came home from Provence to find some frozen bananas in the freezer. They are pictured above. Rock Solid. This got me to wondering if frozen bananas remain edible.

After frozen bananas thaw, the flesh is a mush: The outer banana skin looks like it has a combination of leprosy, flesh eating disease and gangrene. However the inner flesh is wonderful and tastes real banana-y, sweet and custard-like.

I decided to google to see what the rest of the world is saying. Some wing nut posted the following:

WARNING!!! Bananas are HIGH IN SUGAR when normally ripe, but when turning black, they are decomposing and can bring on SYSTEMIC YEAST INFECTION affecting the whole body. Yeast loves fermenting fruit sugars, fungi such as mushrooms, and old moldy foods/cheeses/veggies/meats. Avoid all these things to keep healthy. Don't be fooled or justify to yourself that it's o.k. to eat mold/mildew/rottenness even if others do, or if you were lucky and unbothered in the past, to your best recollection. It creeps upon a person and causes ALL SORTS OF DISEASES, AND IS VERY HARDTO DIAGNOSE AND CURE.

That fortunately was the minority opinion. Here is the majority opinion, of which I share:

  • I peel bananas, cut them in half, wrap each half in plastic wrap, and then into the freezer. On a hot day, I eat it like a popsicle---very sweet and delicious! Maybe I need to stick a popsicle stick in each one before I freeze it...hmmm.

  • I just throw the whole bunch in the freezer, unseperated, unpeeled. when I want one I just break it off from the bunch and just set it on the stove (I have a gas stove) while I'm doing other things and soon it's ready to peel. If I'm in a hurry I microwave it for about 10 seconds and peel it. I usually use them frozen in smoothie or just to eat frozen on a hot day.

  • If you are only trying to hold the bananas a few extra days, you can just put them in the refrigerator. The skin will turn black but the inside will not ripen any further. I have never frozen bananas but I am certainly going to try it

So, frozen bananas work for me.

I am still discombobulated from being in France. It was easy to tell that I am in a Third World Country. This is another postcard note from a Third World Country. I ran into the race and "Screw the White Man" thing again.

Because of our micropayments business, I am in the know about the tourist transportation business here -- buses, jitneys, taxis, ferries, etc. Every since that I have arrived here, I have yet to meet an honest taxi driver who didn't try to screw me. Last night was no exception.

I arrived at the airport and deliberately asked the supervisor marshalling the taxis, how much the fare was to Paradise Island. He told me $33 dollars. The cabbie that I was assigned to heard this. He drove me home, and when I tendered $40 dollars he said that he had no change. He took out his wallet and it was stuffed with bills. He tried to hide it with his hand. He said that he only had a dollar. He thinks that he is smart for trying to pull a fast one on me and get as much money from the rich white man. And to top it all off, they are all a bunch of church-going, psalm-singing rip-off artists. This happens all of the time to tourists. The attitude of the Blacks is one of the reasons why this country is developmentally resistant.

And finally we come to the blog reader from Vietnam. He came to this website with the Google search term "http://*:*@pantyhose*.com/" . Obviously he is a computer savvy guy, because the * is a computer term for a wild card match -- ie match anything in place of the *. I don't know what I have about pantyhose on this blog, but I thank Google for bringing him here to me and registering another international hit. I hope that you find your panty hose.

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