Well, I am back from Provence (summoned home by the powers that be because of work priorities), and catching up on things. I saw this scene at the boat yard. A new engine was being lifted by crane into a boat that was in drydock. The boat was over 35 feet and you knew that the entire operation had to be real expensive.

Boats are real money pits, and require constant attention in a salt water environment. But I suppose that if you have the coin to buy them, you have the coin to maintain them.

In other news, my hiatus cost the blog nothing. A few more websites have linked to the weirder posts on this blog, and I broke page view records while leaving the blog unattended. I gained 300 Technorati ranking points for nothing. I hope this is a trend. That way, by neglecting the blog, I will get up to a million hits a day. It's the lazy man's way to succeed in the blogsphere.

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