Clinton Named Special UN Envoy To Haiti

Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters file

The United Nations has named Bill Clinton as Special Envoy to Haiti. This is extremely good news in every which way. First and foremost, it spotlights the problems of Haiti as a failed state of long standing.

Secondly, Mr. Clinton through his charitable foundations will get a first hand view of the AIDS scourge in Haiti. The Clinton Foundation is particularly active in combatting AIDS worldwide.

And thirdly, the UN, the US and indeed the Western World may get new insights on how to ameliorate the Haiti situation.

Having lived in the Caribbean now for a year and a half, I have a ringside seat at the resistance to development of nations. Even in this country (the Bahamas) corruption is endemic, systemic and pervasive. And the people do not seem to care. They re-elected an MP who was bribed by Anna Nicole Smith. They accepted $200 each from the former Minister of Tourism and re-elected him. It is considered a normal course of action in the Caribbean, in spite of the fact that there is a church on every corner.

The catalysts of change could be very small and not readily seen. Let's hope that Bill Clinton uses his considerable resources to affect some positive change in the Caribbean Basin.

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