Big Huge Ugly Slug

I was walking home from work. It was late. Paradise Island is like a movie set. Everything is clean. Every blade of grass is the same size. Nothing is out of place.

From a distance, I can see something on the sidewalk. It is in a pool of light from the overhead street lamp. It looks like a turd. It is about four to five inches long, and there is a trail of slime behind it.

As I get closer, I think to myself, that it is a snail that has lost its shell. It is moving. It has retractable snail eyes at the end of tentacles. It has a slime snail trail behind it. It is moving as slow as a snail. It probably gets snail mail.

Then I realised that it was a slug. A big giant ugly slug. It is four or five inches long. They grow big ugly things in the tropics. Click on the centipede label in the footer of this entry to see a four inch ugly centipede with claws.

I couldn't believe the size of this thing. Unfortunately in the photo, there is nothing for size comparison. One thing is evident though. If there ever was a food shortage in this country, the thing would quickly find itself roasting on the barbie.

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