Poetry From the Islands

OK people. Today I will give you some island poetry. To put you in the mood for the arts, I posted the above night shot time exposure of the harbour lights at night. So are you ready. Here is a poem that I scraped off a public forum from this country:

I don't want to feel the way i do.
Its noting new am going true.
The though are all the same,
MY imagation is insane.
Yet i refuse in Jesus name to let these
thOughs steal my dreams.
Its not easy but at lease i try,
telling the truth, instead of a lie.
We all have problems so don't lie,
and don't give up until you try.

OK, did that move you?

Tomorrow, I will translate this into English.

Potcake Says XIV

Potcake is an itinerant street vendor in Nassau named Tommy. He has a shopping cart loaded with hubcaps that he finds on the street and he re-sells to motorists. He also fancies himself as a street philosopher, and makes cardboard signs with epigrams that he posts on the back of his mobile business.

Yesterday, the sign on the back of his shopping cart said:

  • "Potcake Says: What you cryin' for ?"

He calls himself Potcake, because potcakes are the wild dogs that run around Nassau since the seventeenth century. They are called Royal Bahamian Potcakes because of their heritage. They started out as terriers that came on the pirate and other ships, and mixed with every single canine species ever to come to the tropics, until their gene pool stabilised and they are somewhat recognised as a breed.

I see by the above pic (snapped while going by in a car), that Potcake has acquired a potcake, sleeping peacefully nearby. He always has a flock of pigeons around him as well.

For a while Potcake was quite nasty and sometimes xenophobic. I haven't put a Potcake Says update since March.

I have noticed that he has touched on male impotence. I previously noted that he had a sign up about Viagra, and about a month ago, he had a sign that said:

  • "Potcake Says: Man who cannot make love sleeps alone."

To save you looking it up, here is the canonical list of Potcake Says epigrams.

  • "Potcake Says: Haitains gat all the Dope"

  • "Potcake Says: Yes We Can !"

  • "Potcake Says: You here what happen A? I here you broke."

  • "Potcake Says: How is your Bank Book?"

  • "Potcake Says: Erryone know dat you broke."

  • "Potcake Says: What's Cooking? Got-Layoff?

  • "Blue Pills -- What-Ever!

  • "Potcake Says: This Sweet Christmas make Love, not War. Make a baby."

  • "Potcake Says: The Ants have more sense an you this Christmas"

  • "Potcake Says: It's Christmas Time. Try to be nice."

  • "Potcake Says: You broke for Christmas too?"

  • "Potcake says: Even though you broke, keep on smiling!"

  • "Potcake Says: Not To Day.""Potcake says: Everyone want to ga a tip (Money, money, Money)"

  • "Potcake says: Who gat you broke?""Potcake says: Alcohal made from Love and War (Sex and Fight)."

  • "Potcake says: Smart People Feed Dumb People"

  • "Potcake says: You were made by Sweet-talk."

  • "Potcake says: Cheap People work you for nothing."

  • "Potcake says: Who is your daddy?"

  • "Potcake says: The debil is here!"

  • "Potcake Says: I Am Mad as Hell and Not going to take it".

Why You Should Always Consult A Local

This series of photos is why as an architect, you should always consult a local person. This is the entrance way to the straw market.

It is a lovely entrance way. It encompasses the tropical theme. It is open air concept. It provides security. It is colourful. The pineapple motif is artistic.

However when it comes to functionality, it got a zero. It needed a modification. A close-up shot shows the modification:

Notice the screening. The big "OOPS" was that feral cats got in and left their poop in the stalls. Frogs got in, as well as lizards and rats.

The concept was great, however the screening could have been avoided with a design change, if the locals were asked to vet the design.

Prime Minister's Website Hacked

This is the Prime Minister's website of this island nation. You can click on the pic to get a bigger view. As a technology operative in a tropical Third World Country, I have offered to update the government's website on many occasions. Once I offered to do it for free. The website is hosted on an old Lotus Notes Server. That is web technology from the early 1990's. Dinosaurs used Lotus Notes.

When you scrolled down to the bottom of the web page, there were some "interesting" links. (You can click on the pic below to see the writing).

The links describe the slang for female genitalia and various permutations and combinations of that. Many people phoned to complain. It went on for days. Finally, our CFO and acting CEO phoned a cabinet minister and offered my services to fix it for free.

It was fixed within an hour, but not by me. The situation was discussed on the local forums. One tekkie posted the following picture:


The Prime Minister reportedly doesn't know how to use a computer and has never surfed the internet. Someone should show him some porn sites. He would learn quickly.

World's Smallest Snake Found in Caribbean

I haven't seen any snakes in my year and a half in the Caribbean. That's not to say that they don't exist, it is just that I haven't seen any. Thank goodness for that -- the Lovely One hates snakes.

Recently the world's smallest snake was just discovered in our neighbour to the south -- Barbados. The snake is the Barbados Thread Snake. The scientific name is leptotyphlops carlae and its maximum length is 4.1 inches long.

Apparently the locals knew about this snake, but the scientists didn't. Here in the Bahamas, casino goers see snake eyes all of the time.

Secrets of Getting More Hits on Your Blog Part IX

Do you have a blog and think that if you could just get some traffic to it, readers would become mesmerized and return again and again. That is the Holy Grail of getting hits -- getting people to come to your blog in the first place. I made an accidental discovery about how to do this in the Google blogsphere.

Obviously I blog on blogspot.com. It is owned by Google. They make it easy to blog. You can start a blog in less than 5 minutes. I decided to document my stream of consciousness in the tropics with this blog so I started my first blog -- Cosmological Cabbage.

I started the second one almost by accident. I went to a small highschool (of only 600 students) and I was the yearbook photographer. I have a mass of negatives (some abused) that had not seen the light of day in many many years. Before I came to the tropics, I bought a Canon scanner that could scan negatives and slides. I scanned all of my negatives and put them on my external USB hard drive.

A month ago, I decided to put them on the web for posterity. Our old high school doesn't have very many tracks on the Internet. So I created http://www.myochs.blogspot.com/ OCHS was the highschool name.

That blog doesn't get very many hits. I expect only about 600 -- the entire population of the school. On Saturday, I made my usual entries, and then decided that I would reformat my blog so that all the names of students and teachers were in bold.

You can see it in the activity graph that I use to track my hits. At 8:00 AM, I made 44 changes to my blog. I then went to work. Four hours lately I idly checked the hits and was astonished to see 56 more hits all in a row. I looked up the referrer and that is when I made my discovery.

If you blog with blogspot and Google, at the top of the blog is a navigation bar. It has a link called "Next Blog". There are millions and millions of blogs on Google and getting your blog listed as "Next Blog" is almost impossible. I have discovered the secret to doing so.

If you are sitting there with your lonely blog and want a whole pile of visitors come your way to read your pearls of wisdom, here is the recipe. Make changes to every single entry and re-publish them. Google likes a lot of action on a blog. When it sees the action, it pops your blog inthe "Next Blog" list, and all of a sudden you have your increased visitors. It is up to your content to keep bringing them back.

Apparently fresh content is the name of the game as well when it comes to Google ranking in the search engines. If you add content every day, your website will come higher in the search results when someone searches for a key word in your website.

The funny part about my increased hits, was that many of them came from countries like Sweden and Italy, where they would have no interest in old pictures from a small Canadian high school.

Get Rich Inventing Things

Blog readers of Cosmological Cabbage can get rich by inventing things. You don't even need the original idea. I'll supply that. I have a fertile imagination and we all know what makes things fertile. So I will provide the Eureka moment, you do the inventing work, and you can get rich. I have all sorts of ideas that need inventing. To see some of them, click on this link:


Before you do, you may want to read this post first. There are some revolutionary ideas here that you may want to attempt first.

Here's a big idea that may revolutionise the porn industry. I have a pic of a guy that was squashed flat by a Mac truck here in the tropics. It is a particularly gruesome pic. I don't want to post it for fear of offending the general public, but for fans of the gruesome, there should be a way of controlling the viewing access. Eureka, I have it. Make a smart pic as below:

You click on the blue area, and a password box pops up. You enter the password and you can see the whole pic unobstructed.

This will revolutionise the porn industry. You could have various shaded areas with different passwords, and you can pay to get the passwords. That way you can see as much as you can afford.

Your welcome! If you figure out how to implement this idea, you will be richer than ... sin!

Here is the next idea that will make you rich:

No it's not a nose thermometer. What I propose, is not invented yet. What I have to say about the above pic is the standard catalog disclaimer "NOT EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED !".

The invention that I propose, is a personal olfactory repository. What it is, is a lock box and saver for your favourite smells.

Here is how this idea came about. When I used to wear male fragrances, the Lovely One was particularly enamoured with a scent made by AXE called Unlimited. It puts her in the romantic mood. This particular scent is worth its weight in gold to me. Alas, it was discontinued.

However the tropics are a bit of a backwater, and there is still a considerable stock of the stuff here. The thought struck me, that I would like to be able to put away some of this smell, and crack it open when we are in our eighties. It might ignite something.

It would be nice to put away smells that are significant to you. One idea is to save the smell of Christmas Turkey cooking in 2009 when all of the family is about. Then you could open it years later and experience the same smell experience.

I envision finding a way to lock up the smells and put them in a lockbox as picture below. Once again that I have to caution you that the picture below is "NOT EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED !".

There you have it. Two ideas that will make you rich if you invent them. And the thinking is done for you. Send cash !!

Wow -- Facebook's Effect on the Blogsphere

I have seen the future of getting increased blog hits and it is Facebook. Above is a graph of my blog hits this past week. I am quite satisfied with my usual readership. I have jumped close to a million ranking spaces since I have started.

Then along came Wednesday the 20th of May. Canadian police arrested Terri-Lynne McClintic and Michael Thomas Rafferty for abducting, sexually abusing and killing an eight year old girl. The parallels with the Bernardo/Homolka case were eerie, and the topic was brought up on Facebook forums. When you google "Karla Homolka 2009", my blog tops the list. The hits exploded by 1000% on this blog.

The interesting thing is that there is nothing less interesting than yesterday's news. In two days, the spike was over. In this modern world of the internet, attention span is short. USA Today saw that when they launched their highly abbreviated newspaper. Regular journals blasted them for bubble-gum, attention deficit disorder journalism. It turns out that USA Today was right.

All of this begs the interesting question as to what really grabs people and keeps them coming back time after time. The answers are in front of us. The first is the medium like Facebook. Marshall McLuhan was sort of right. He said that the medium was the message.

The second thing, is titillation. Sites like TMZ.com provide that on a regular basis. A recent edition of The Economist that I picked up in the business section of a 747 bound for Paris has a term for this. They call it E-HEDONISM. It is why most of the Chinese and developing country youth surf the web. It is easy to get cybersex, launch into virtual relationships even though you resemble a pimply turnip and get to enter a fantasy world that trumps real life every time.

Strangely enough, Alvin Toffler predicted all of this in his seminal book Future Shock. The only thing that he did not predict is the internet, but he can be forgiven for that. One man did. However when I read Toffler and his conclusions about the rapidity of change and shorter attention spans and novel forms of hedonism, I really didnt give much credence to it. If I had, today I would be richer than Bill Gates. Hindsight is 20/20.

If Google brought you here looking for McClintik or Rafferty, just click on the "Female Serial Killer" label below.

The After Effects of Swine Flu

Pictured above is a graphic picture of the horrible after-effects of suffering from swine flu.

Big Huge Ugly Slug

I was walking home from work. It was late. Paradise Island is like a movie set. Everything is clean. Every blade of grass is the same size. Nothing is out of place.

From a distance, I can see something on the sidewalk. It is in a pool of light from the overhead street lamp. It looks like a turd. It is about four to five inches long, and there is a trail of slime behind it.

As I get closer, I think to myself, that it is a snail that has lost its shell. It is moving. It has retractable snail eyes at the end of tentacles. It has a slime snail trail behind it. It is moving as slow as a snail. It probably gets snail mail.

Then I realised that it was a slug. A big giant ugly slug. It is four or five inches long. They grow big ugly things in the tropics. Click on the centipede label in the footer of this entry to see a four inch ugly centipede with claws.

I couldn't believe the size of this thing. Unfortunately in the photo, there is nothing for size comparison. One thing is evident though. If there ever was a food shortage in this country, the thing would quickly find itself roasting on the barbie.

Clinton Named Special UN Envoy To Haiti

Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters file

The United Nations has named Bill Clinton as Special Envoy to Haiti. This is extremely good news in every which way. First and foremost, it spotlights the problems of Haiti as a failed state of long standing.

Secondly, Mr. Clinton through his charitable foundations will get a first hand view of the AIDS scourge in Haiti. The Clinton Foundation is particularly active in combatting AIDS worldwide.

And thirdly, the UN, the US and indeed the Western World may get new insights on how to ameliorate the Haiti situation.

Having lived in the Caribbean now for a year and a half, I have a ringside seat at the resistance to development of nations. Even in this country (the Bahamas) corruption is endemic, systemic and pervasive. And the people do not seem to care. They re-elected an MP who was bribed by Anna Nicole Smith. They accepted $200 each from the former Minister of Tourism and re-elected him. It is considered a normal course of action in the Caribbean, in spite of the fact that there is a church on every corner.

The catalysts of change could be very small and not readily seen. Let's hope that Bill Clinton uses his considerable resources to affect some positive change in the Caribbean Basin.

Sicko Female Murder Accomplices

Here we go again. I idly checked my blog statistics and discovered that today, my hits increased by a close to 1000%. I had to check out why. Most of the extra hits were coming from Facebook. And then I realised why.

In Canada, a couple was arrested in the abduction and murder of eight year Victoria (Tori) Stafford of Woodstock Ontario Canada. The man is 29 year old Michael Thomas Rafferty and the woman is 18 year old Terri-Lynne McClintic.

McClintic was responsible for abducting the child from her school and was caught on video camera. Rafferty putatively and allegedly abused the child and murdered her.

This is the Facebook pic of Rafferty who seems to be somewhat illiterate in his spelling.

This is the Facebook pic of McClintic.

Now where this blog comes in, is that people are drawing parallels between McClintic/Rafferty and Bernardo/Homolka. And as you know, this blog has become the Karla Homolka blog, because of some stupid newspaper article in the Bahamas based newspaper the Tribune, which I idly quoted in a blog article. It turns out that the reporter was just rehashing internet rumours about Homolka and it appeared on the front page of this tropical newspaper which I read most days.

But we come back to sicko couples. The question was posed in the Paul Bernardo case as to why Karla participated in such depravity. Now Karla had to be pretty sick herself, but at least one psychologist posited the view that Karla acted in this way as a spouse retention strategy due to low self esteem.

Certainly in the McClintic/Rafferty situation we have a 29 year old man in a relationship with an 18 year old teenager. You can't tell me that it was an equal relationship in terms of the power structure.

So once again, we have vulgar atrocities and horrific violence committed by sexual partners. It still begs the question as to why a female can be so dominated by a man, that they would commit acts that anyone with the slightest conscience would consider repulsive.

Canada is a great country, and Karla Homolka and Terri-Lynne McClintic did things that are extremely un-Canadian -- or is it? Once may be a coincidence, but twice is tending to a pattern.

If you want to see all of the postings about Karla Homolka on this blog, please click on this link:

Strange Weather Patterns

The weather has been incredibly strange in the tropics. It has been unusually cool and rainy. Yesterday a violent thunderstorm ripped through and it rained most of the day. Usually rains last ten minutes and they move on.

During the night there were violent winds and the patio was covered with windblown debris. The cats were all huddled at the entrance on the only dry part of the patio waiting for their breakfast.

Usually I swim in the ocean every day. However I have been swimming just once since I got back from France. The ocean has been roily, flecked with whitecaps, and not at all pleasant to swim.

The winds have played havoc with this island's crumbling infrastructure. Yesterday the roof collapsed on the police headquarters housing criminal records:

This is just great news for criminals. The keystone cops here have major murders unsolved and couldn't investigate their way out of a paper bag, and now the criminal records system is crippled. Have another beer, and let's go to the beach. Ooops, the weather has been too lousy for the beach.

The good news is that a tropical storm with hurricane potential formed off Grand Cayman and the dissipated into a nothingness of wind and rain. One of the factors of a major hurricane season is high temperatures. It looks like the cold weather will keep the number of hurricanes down, and we will be in hurricane season shortly.

Butchering the Queen's English

I am always amazed at the level of illiteracy in these islands. When this country achieved independence from Great Britain thirty some years ago, the government minister responsible for immigration sent many white teachers packing home and replaced them with native, unqualified teachers who spoke a local patois.

As a result, there are two generations who never learned to speak English properly and who know nothing about the rules of grammar and how to apply them in day-to-day communications. The government recognises that illiteracy is a problem, however trying to fix it, is like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon.

On a local forum, I picked up the following online conversation. I have put the translation below each posting entry:

Any Fruit Trees Bearin yet?
Just wanna make sure so i dont have to buss down no one fa dey frozen fruit when i reach Nassau town.

Are there any fruit trees bearing fruit yet. I want to make sure that fruit is available so that I do not have to bust down anyone for their frozen fruit when I get to Nassau town.

saw sum mangoes and cherries hangin. wonda where i cud get dem big mangoes from not da small hairy set

I saw some mangos and cherries ripening. I wonder where I could obtain some big mangos. I do not like the small fibrous ones.

Well the mangra trees laden down in Nassau. Only ting is when dey ripe ya gatteee get to them before the jonsers do, cause all of dem will be selling mangoes on the side of the road. I een see no guinep yet though. Cherries are in season but the ones I had they were so small, and the seagrape tree is hang to the ground with baby seagrapes. I had the pleasure of eating a marmee the other day. It was delicious. Tamarind in season to.

Well the mango trees are heavily laden with fruit in Nassau. However, when the fruit is ripe, you must pick them before the thieves do. They steal your fruit and sell it on the roadside. I haven't seen any ripe guinep yet. (Barbados Cherries) Cherries are in season, but the cherries that I had were small. The seagrape tree hangs low with unripe fruit. I had the pleasure of eating a mamey (Cuban Mamey) yesterday. It was delicious. Taramind is also in season as well.

I hates all a yinna who eaten mangra and guinep and seagrape while I still waitin fa da cole ta officially end!

I hate you people who eat mango, guinep and seagrape while I am still waiting for the winter cold spell to officially end.

all three a my mango trees hangin.. but there's no rain for them to fill out and they all droppin before it could happen

All three of my mango trees are bearing fruit. However, there is not enough rain for them to ripen, and they wither and drop from the tree before ripening.

we need some rain real bad on this side of the town, forest fire burning all day , i am surprised no house has burnt down.

We need some rain badly on this side of town. A forest fire was burning all day. I am surprised that there were not any houses that burned down.

So as you kin seen, een no langridge problum heah. Grammar rules -- except that my grammar done died tree years ago. She wuz in her nineties.

Jellyfish Season

Above is the entry to my favourite part of the beach -- Snorkeller's Reef. Just beyond are a couple of wall reefs and some good snorkelling. However it is jellyfish season. Thousands and thousands of jelly fish have hatched and sometimes they are like a cloud as you swim through them.

Of course when you go through the cloud, you keep getting stung. The stings are not as pernicious as the full fledged jellyfish tentacles. And if one touches you, you are not necessarily stung, as they are small, small juveniles.

These juvenile hatchlings are sometimes called sea lice. Most of the stings come when they get trapped by bathing suit fabric. Many locals advocate swimming nude to as a way of abating bites.

The worst of the jellyfish season is from Mother's Day to Father's Day -- May to June. I have been stung by jellyfish so often that it is now just a minor irritation. However, there is a species that looks like it has a brown ring around it. Those bites hurt and last a half an hour on me, and raise welts. The locals tell me that if I have a lot of venom in me and my resistance is high, then I will not develop arthritis in later life.

And speaking of venom, a couple of weeks ago I was gathering sticks to light the barbeque. The Lovely One rarely permits me to use a gasoline-type accelerant, so I have to light a small wood fire atop the coals. I disturbed a nest of tropical hornets. I have been stung by hornets before. The pain is intense, but after a half an hour everything subside. Two of these tropical buggers got me on the thumb. My hand was swollen for a couple of days.

I half expected my thumb to turn black, rot and fall off. That obviously didn't happen, and for that, I suppose that I can give TWO thumbs up.

Freeze Bananas and Other Postcard Notes From a Third World Country

What happens when you freeze bananas? Can you freeze bananas? Are frozen bananas edible? I came home from Provence to find some frozen bananas in the freezer. They are pictured above. Rock Solid. This got me to wondering if frozen bananas remain edible.

After frozen bananas thaw, the flesh is a mush: The outer banana skin looks like it has a combination of leprosy, flesh eating disease and gangrene. However the inner flesh is wonderful and tastes real banana-y, sweet and custard-like.

I decided to google to see what the rest of the world is saying. Some wing nut posted the following:

WARNING!!! Bananas are HIGH IN SUGAR when normally ripe, but when turning black, they are decomposing and can bring on SYSTEMIC YEAST INFECTION affecting the whole body. Yeast loves fermenting fruit sugars, fungi such as mushrooms, and old moldy foods/cheeses/veggies/meats. Avoid all these things to keep healthy. Don't be fooled or justify to yourself that it's o.k. to eat mold/mildew/rottenness even if others do, or if you were lucky and unbothered in the past, to your best recollection. It creeps upon a person and causes ALL SORTS OF DISEASES, AND IS VERY HARDTO DIAGNOSE AND CURE.

That fortunately was the minority opinion. Here is the majority opinion, of which I share:

  • I peel bananas, cut them in half, wrap each half in plastic wrap, and then into the freezer. On a hot day, I eat it like a popsicle---very sweet and delicious! Maybe I need to stick a popsicle stick in each one before I freeze it...hmmm.

  • I just throw the whole bunch in the freezer, unseperated, unpeeled. when I want one I just break it off from the bunch and just set it on the stove (I have a gas stove) while I'm doing other things and soon it's ready to peel. If I'm in a hurry I microwave it for about 10 seconds and peel it. I usually use them frozen in smoothie or just to eat frozen on a hot day.

  • If you are only trying to hold the bananas a few extra days, you can just put them in the refrigerator. The skin will turn black but the inside will not ripen any further. I have never frozen bananas but I am certainly going to try it

So, frozen bananas work for me.

I am still discombobulated from being in France. It was easy to tell that I am in a Third World Country. This is another postcard note from a Third World Country. I ran into the race and "Screw the White Man" thing again.

Because of our micropayments business, I am in the know about the tourist transportation business here -- buses, jitneys, taxis, ferries, etc. Every since that I have arrived here, I have yet to meet an honest taxi driver who didn't try to screw me. Last night was no exception.

I arrived at the airport and deliberately asked the supervisor marshalling the taxis, how much the fare was to Paradise Island. He told me $33 dollars. The cabbie that I was assigned to heard this. He drove me home, and when I tendered $40 dollars he said that he had no change. He took out his wallet and it was stuffed with bills. He tried to hide it with his hand. He said that he only had a dollar. He thinks that he is smart for trying to pull a fast one on me and get as much money from the rich white man. And to top it all off, they are all a bunch of church-going, psalm-singing rip-off artists. This happens all of the time to tourists. The attitude of the Blacks is one of the reasons why this country is developmentally resistant.

And finally we come to the blog reader from Vietnam. He came to this website with the Google search term "http://*:*@pantyhose*.com/" . Obviously he is a computer savvy guy, because the * is a computer term for a wild card match -- ie match anything in place of the *. I don't know what I have about pantyhose on this blog, but I thank Google for bringing him here to me and registering another international hit. I hope that you find your panty hose.


Well, I am back from Provence (summoned home by the powers that be because of work priorities), and catching up on things. I saw this scene at the boat yard. A new engine was being lifted by crane into a boat that was in drydock. The boat was over 35 feet and you knew that the entire operation had to be real expensive.

Boats are real money pits, and require constant attention in a salt water environment. But I suppose that if you have the coin to buy them, you have the coin to maintain them.

In other news, my hiatus cost the blog nothing. A few more websites have linked to the weirder posts on this blog, and I broke page view records while leaving the blog unattended. I gained 300 Technorati ranking points for nothing. I hope this is a trend. That way, by neglecting the blog, I will get up to a million hits a day. It's the lazy man's way to succeed in the blogsphere.

On Hiatus

This blog will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks. I am flying to Paris in the morning, and later to Marseille. We will spend some time in the Luberon Valley in Provence, in Southern France.

I started out blogging at a Technorati rank of 2,631,000 for this blog and my current rank is 1,725,648. It will be interesting to see if my rank declines while there is no new content for a couple of weeks.

See you on the other side.

Pink Sand Beach -- Harbour Island

The outermost island in this archipelago is Eleuthera. I think that it is greek for "freedom" or something similar. It was settled in the 17th century by a group of adventurers seeking religious freedom. A small island off the north tip of Eleuthera is Harbour Island.

People drive golf carts on Harbour Island (or Briland as the natives call it -- say "harbour island" really quick and drop the "har" beginning and you get Briland). The other thing about Briland, is that it has pink sand beaches. Here is a pic of it.

Things That Need Inventing -- The Better Dumpster

I was passing this dumpster on the way to work, and immediately the need for a new invention was evident. Dumpsters are already going high-tech. A business associate of mine spearheaded a project to put RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags on dumpsters so that when they are emptied, the exact date and time is recorded and sent back over a WiFi link.

In my mind, dumpsters need two more systems. The two needed systems may be linked. The first thing that is needed is a fly control mechanism. If you click on the above pic to get a larger image, you will see that the top of the dumpster is covered in flies.

The second thing that is needed, is an odor control or odor elimination system. The person that invents these two things and they work well, will be a millionaire.

To see all my "Things that Need Inventing posts, click on the link below:


Answers to Questions -- Again

Readers ask me questions and I endeavour to answer them. The first persistent question that I used to get was, what is the name of an Arawak, Lucayan, or Taino Indian's house? The answer is "BOHIO". Here are a couple of more questions.

Question: How do you make a Cuban Mamey pie?

I don't know, so I asked the lunch lady at the supermarket who knows how to cook. She told me that it is made this way:


  • Mameys as needed ~ Approx 4 - 6
  • 1 c. water3 tbsp. cornstarch
  • 1 c. sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. butter
  • 9-inch baked pie shell

Cut mamey fruit into 1/2 inch thick slices. Arrange mamey slices in the pie shell. Blend the rest of the mameys with water in blender or processor. In a saucepan, combine blended mamey mixture with cornstarch, sugar and salt. Cook until thickened. Remove from heat and add butter. Pour glaze over mameys, coating them well. Chill for several hours. Serve topped with whipped cream.

Question: Can you shed some light on Rastafarian economics?


Yes. See the picture below.

The Water Executive

I owe this man a dollar. He is a water sales executive. He is sitting in his office, presiding over his business domain.

I was walking to the office from a haircut. It is a Saturday, and on Wednesday I am leaving to fly to Miami, then to Marseille in France. The Lovely One and I are staying at a cosy little gite in Provence. I need to look presentable and ungeekish to all of the Lovely One's cultured friends living in the Luberon Valley. So Anton, my barber cut my hair today.

I am working like crazy to get some software deployed. That is why I am working on a Saturday. As I walked to the office, I passed a vacant lot. This gentleman had his desk under a magnificent, giant silk cotton tree. These trees look like majestic elephants.

In front of his desk, he had a card table with a cooler. Inside he had water. Strung around on some rope, he had little bags of chips and snacks hung on with clothes pins. It look like a convenience store laundry. He asked me if I wanted a water.

It is a hot humid day today in paradise, and a water would go down fine. I had just a twenty in my pocket. The most that my water executive had, was seven one dollar bills. That was his entire float.

He gave me the bottle of water, and told me that he was at his desk every day. This is the second time that I have been trusted with owing money. The last time was when I bought lobster from a fish monger.

I tell the Lovely One that I have a trusty face. It may be ugly, but it sure is trusty. Can I borrow a slow $100 from you? Trust me, I am good for it.

People On the Street

Photo Essay on Outdoor Living in the Tropics

A lifestyle that is slowly fading, is living outside. One would imagine and still can see it in the Caribbean, that a majority of people spend their days outdoors. Judging by some of the houses in the "Over The Hill" section, indoor living does not have much to offer.

All of these pics were taken yesterday afternoon on my walk home from work.
People spending the hours of their lives on Potter's Cay.

Potters Cay is the island in the middle of the harbour that supports the two bridges. It is also the terminus for the fishing fleet that sells its piscatorial wares to the public.

A game of checkers is the most fascinating thing happening.