Web Analytics -- Time of Day

I idly glance by the web analytics as they go by on this blog. I barely look at the graphs. However last night, my attention was grabbed by the above graph. You can click on it to get a larger image.

If I were a webmaster, and I was scheduling podcasts or webcasts, I would want to know what time of day to reach the largest audience. The graph points it out vividly. Eleven AM and Eleven PM respectively are the winners. A full 8.3% of daily visitors come at 11:00 AM and 8.2% come at 11:00PM.

Between 5 and 6:00 PM is busy, and I get the nighthawks or international hits between 12 and 1:00 AM.

The quietest time is 5:00 AM (good to know for scheduling backups) and in the evening it is the 7:00 PM mark.

They say that the crowd is generally always right. So I can infer that the crowd likes elevens. Snake Eyes!

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