Various Life Hacks

Negotiating the razor wire of life

In no particular order, here are some life hacks that I have discovered:

Getting to the front of the line in Starbucks:

Go right to the cash register. Apologise to the person next in line. Get the attention of the clerk. Tell her that you are a DEA agent. You have been staking out a house in the neighbourhood for the last 11 hours, and the SWAT team is on its way for the takedown. You need a coffee quickly.

Disarming a Hostile Crowd in the Caribbean:

You are a racial minority going through a hostile crowd trying to organise a union in the huge hotel complex. You are carrying a briefcase, and it is obvious you are a management type and not a worker. Simple. To disarm the crowd, you face them squarely, smile and say "Good Afternoon". They are so conditioned to this politesse, that they will automatically respond with Good Afternoon as well. Problem solved.

Get Served Quickly At Ben and Jerry's:

The tourists are all lined up for a hundred feet. The line snakes out the door and into the pedestrian mall. You don't care what kind of ice cream, as long as it is cold. Go in through the out door. Stand there for a minute or two. You will notice that the cashier has long lulls, because people are slow at choosing what they want. When the cashier is not busy, go up and order the ice cream on a stick that he gets from a display behind him. You get your ice cream without waiting.

Starting Charcoal without firestarter:

I collect coconut matting, coconut husks and small twigs and branches and puts some above and below the charcoal with some newspaper dribbled with cooking oil. Light with a match. Let the fire burn and flames die and the charcoal is lit nicely.

I am still working on the ultimate life hack -- ducking the death thing.

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