Search The Web Privately

Do you like your privacy? Google by far is the largest search engine on the planet. Every time that you submit a search term, your IP address is recorded, along with your search terms. And a cookie is placed on your computer.

What does it matter? Well, Google extensively data mines the information and sells it. It uses it for advertising. Data mining can be used to predict your behaviour, feed you ads, and if you click, they have modeled your behaviour accurately. On top of that, if they have your IP address and you are at home with a static IP address, they know where you live.

So along come Scroogle. It is googling in privacy. What it does, is takes your search term, strips all of the IP info, submits it to Google and returns the result to you. Then they burn their logs. It is an outfit from San Antonio Texas.

To learn more about Scroogle, go here:
To start searching anonymously, go here:

And if you are worried about your boss watching the search terms go to Scroogle, you can use the SSL link here:

Total search anonymity.

Scroogle accepts donations for their services and you can get a tax receipt for the United States.

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