Screen Magnolias

Spring flowers are almost done in this land of perpetual summer and we are moving into the heat of the season. Last week we had the final blast of flowers from the Magnolia trees around the island. The flowering trees on the way to Clifton were magnificent, and the petals of the spent flowers rained down like a perfumed snow.

Note: You have to click on the pic to see a bigger image. It is worthwhile!

This magnolia blossom is on a tree across the street. After I photographed it, I looked at the image on my big screen of the computer at home, and the range of nuances of the colour was breathtaking. Everyone should look at photos on a big, high resolution screen.

That got me to thinking about what screen resolutions that folks actually use. If there was a clear winner, his would be a help to webmasters when they designed their pages. I decided to examine the server logs of the last 1000 visitors to one of my websites. Google analytics collects these metrics. Here is the result:

Obviously over 50% of the visitors use either a 1024x768 or 1280x1024 screen resolution. I feel sorry for the ones using an 800x600 screen. That is so 1990's.

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