Rasta Shoppe

I pass this Rasta Shoppe every day on the way home from work. It is a little hole in the wall. I have often wondered what the proprietor sells. I have a fertile imagination, and we all know what makes things fertile. So I let my mind wander and muse about the contents of the shoppe.

I am willing to bet that he has a little pharmacy back there. I speculated about the types of farmaceuticals that he has and came up with this list:

  • IbuSmokin -- an analgesic for pain relief
  • RastaMattazz -- an appetite stimulant
  • TetraPsychoLean -- an antibiotic to chase away the "bugs" crawling over the skin
  • DreadLax -- taken for regularity
  • RastaMasta -- a viagra substitute
  • AttaVan -- an anxiety suppressant to stop worrying about vehicle trouble
  • DreadLock -- a powerful medicine that curls your hair
  • RastAssured -- a sleeping pill
  • OxyContinue -- a pain killer
  • DopeAmine -- self explanatory

The funny part is that while this is a limited inventory list, all of the farmaceuticals come in plastic bags and they look like baggies of oregano.

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