One Man's Scrap, Another Man's Gold

I work strange hours, and yesterday (Easter Monday), I had some tasks to do before the work day today so I walked to work over the harbour bridge. I noticed the rust stains of the above boat, and from a distance, it looked like a garbage scow.

As I got closer, it became obvious that there were two boats, loaded to go to Haiti. Haiti is perhaps one of the poorest countries outside of Africa. Political instability and endemic poverty has reduced the population to eating mud cookies (cookies made of margarine, mud and salt) to fill the stomach and appease the hunger.

When I took a look at what they were sending back to Haiti, I was amazed. Most of it would be considered garbage. There were many, many discarded stained mattresses that were weathered. There were vans and vehicles that were junk and could no longer be repaired by any mechanic's skill. There was bicycles and empty 5 gallon containers by the hundreds. There were bundles of clothes discarded by the salvation army. There was broken furniture, and building supply remnants. There was discarded carpets.

It had appeared as if the Haitians had been garbage picking for months to load up these hulks to be sent back to Haiti. It even appears that one of the ships has to be towed by the other, as the engines do not seem functional.

As a Caribbean company, we are trying to leave positive social footprints where ever we operate. Leaving positive social footprints in a country like Haiti is extremely difficult. There has to be an answer somewhere to help failed states, and to succor the humanity that they hold.

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Anonymous said...

There is alway something to do to help person who need to.

Thanks God, we are not as poor as them.