It doesn't end -- a new Karla sighting

This Karla Homolka story keeps getting legs. It just won't quit. In earlier blog postings (you can read the whole mess here: ), I speculated that Karla Homolka/Leanne Teale's hideaway in the "Antilles" was in Guadeloupe.

Well, it didn't take long. I got this message in French:

J'ai vu qu'un femme qui ressemble à Karla Homolka sortez d'une maison située sur la route de Boisvin dans le village de Les Abymes. Plus tard j'ai vu la même femme sortir d'un marché aux puces dans la ville de Le Gosier sur la côte sud de Grand-Terre.

A translation reads:

"I saw a woman that resembles Karla Homolka leaving a house on the Boisvin Highway in the village of Les Abymes. Later, I saw the same woman leaving a flea market in Le Gosier on the south shore of Grand-Terre."

There is no mention of when this took place. Grand-Terre is the big upper island of Guadeloupe, and the airport is in Point a Pitre. Les Abymes is northeast of there.

I don't know how accurate this sighting is.


Anonymous said...

I am concerned for poor Luka Magnotta's safety. He looks so innocent and cute. Have you seen his Myspace?

Anonymous said...

Luka innoent, hehe that anonymous comment is cute.
Your blog is one of the first that come up when Karla's name is googled.How can we NOT be curious about that one??

Anonymous said...

I was wondering of her exact whereabouts and was let known as a thought occurance that part of her deal with Lucifer was to live in the caribean.

Anonymous said...

Luka is a killer just as well he is not innocent, he is wanted right now for the heinous murders of two kittens, and filming the act. Along with sexual performances on the dead kittens. He put them into a vacuum seal able bag and sucked the air out with said vacuum.

Anonymous said...

Homolka was seen, within the last week, shopping w/ 4 y/o daughter Aurelie at a Carrefour market in Destreland Mall in Bai Mahault Guadeloupe. She drives a small blue car. Her address:

Leanne Teale Bordelais
92 Maimouna
Les Abymes 97139

Anonymous said...

That's her work address, she teaches ESL to a few students in Guadeloupe (no, they don't know her true identity)