Feast in the Forest

We were prepared for a quiet Friday BBQ of some steaks that the Lovely One acquired, when the phone rang and the opthalmic surgeon who is the president of our company offered us some tickets to the Feast in the Forest.

I am a member of the National Trust, but we had decided to pass. The Feast in the Forest was held at the Retreat, a piece of tropical paradise owned by the trust in downtown Nassau. It is a botanical garden, an aviary, a conservation area, and a secluded piece of heaven in bustling New Providence. The free tickets were the inducement that we needed.

It was an amazing magical night. The theme was Sherwood Forest and there were many Friar Tucks, Maid Marions, archers and various medieval revellers in costume. There were ministrel groups, bands, and a magic act. A pig was roasted. Ribs and chicken were grilled. Corn was roasted in the husk. There where many many different kinds of pastries. Free mojitos were supplied all night. A local scourge on the reef, the lion fish has invaded the Caribbean from Asia, and there was a cookery that offered fried lion fish. It is delicious and tastes like grouper.

The crowd was incredibly eclectic, and the conversation was stimulating. We watched a limbo dancer play with fire and limbo under flaming bars the height of a man's shoe off the floor. I had a discussion with a businessman who ran an economics institute following Von Mizes economics and libertarianism.

I chatted with a group of refractive surgeons who have developed a new type of laser eye surgery that is not invasive. We chatted about the interstitial exta-cellular matrix of the endothelial cells of the cornea and the physics of water under coherent light stimulation. It is supposed to be the great new thing that cures presbyopia.

We talked about a popular local businessman and private banker who was hit execution style by a scorned gay lover. A European woman who was the worse for wear with drink flitted in and out of the conversations. We talked about the publisher of the local gossip rag -- The Punch. We laughed about the fact that I would not volunteer my new Sperry Topsiders as props for the burning limbo bars.

We had an amazing Friday night. As we were leaving, an opthalmic surgeon from Texas asked us if we did the Feast in the Forest every Friday night. Alas no, but it would be a great idea.

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