Content Analysis -- Garbage

The above is a stretch of sidewalk less than a block from my house on Paradise Islands. To the left just barely visible is the Cloisters, pieces of a 12th century monastery that Huntingdon Hartford, the A&P heir dismantled from France and brought here. It is part of the exclusive Ocean Club, where James Bond "Casino Royale" movie was filmed.

I was walking home from work, thinking of nothing in particular and I passed this garbage bin:
Just steps further there was another one:
I idly snapped the pics, and immediately thought of Content Analysis. It is a concept that was invented by the OSS spy agency during World War II. By examining the minutiae, detritus, and flotsam of peoples lives, you can tell what is going on. Modern day private detectives do this when they go through a target's garbage.
So I carefully examined the photos and made a list:
  • Juice x 3
  • Vita Malt
  • water x 3
  • Coke x 4
  • Grits x 2
  • Kleenex
  • Milk
  • Plastic bags
  • Zip Loc
  • Paper Bag
  • Styrofoam meals x 4
  • Beer x 10
  • Newspaper

Beer is the clear winner here. Next is styrofoam meal containers. These are not fast food, but in these islands, a woman will cook peas 'n rice and pork chops and sell it in styrofoam from the trunk of her car. The grits are for breakfast and the meals come from styrofoam. This is obviously the trash from the staff that works at these resorts.

VitaMalt is also ubiquitous in these islands. It is a sugary, malt flavoured drink that tastes like a bowl of sugared breakfast cereal. It is considered a health tonic here.

So from what I can gather, there are tourists here and support staff going by these bins. The tourists drink a lot of beer, and the support staff tote their lunches. Drinks are big in the hot climate.

See -- content analysis really does work -- except that I could have figured out those facts without looking at a lot of dirty garbage.

The interest fact is that all of the garbage is in the bins. This is not the case anywhere else on these islands. However, as the Lovely One points out, we are living on the set of Jim Carrey's "The Truman Show".

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