Cartomancy Again -- Five of Clubs

I don't believe in fortune-telling. I do not follow my horroscope, or horrorscope. It is extremely bad luck to be superstitious.

However, as I walk home from work every day, the omens and portents are blowing around me. I find cards all over the place. They are casino discards. There are two casinos in this tropical burg and many many casino workers. The workers bring home the cards that have finished their useful life in a casino. The casino denotes the discards by punching a hole through them. I bet that they buy a big, powerful, expensive punch to do the job. Playing cards are tough. I could do the job with a Smith & Wesson .44 and I would do it for free.

Many superstitious folks use playing cards like tea leaves to try and see the future. Man if this were true, the answers to life, the universe and everything, is blowing in the wind for me. Just last night I found the five of clubs.

According to various internet sources, this is what my find yesterday represents:

  • Represents a desire for freedom and independence that makes you go against the status quo. Fives can signal a time of nervous energy, challenges and conflicts with others, and adventure and impulsive actions. Fives also suggest travel and expansion as well as fluctuations in many areas of life. (PS - I am travelling to France shortly)

  • You are asserting yourself and your freedom. A desire for independence and exploration. A comparison of strength. Seeing things differently from others and embarking in a battle of wills or competition. Sports or exercise and the need to release physical energy. Facing new challenges that make you aware of new abilities.

  • The suit of clubs speaks to us of what kind of determination we use to achieve our goals. How much energy we use to get the things we want. It shows what obstacles stand in our way or what obstructions hold us back. The anger that runs thru us and how one might deal with it. Clubs speak of great energy, of speed. They are a powerful suit dealing with ones career and the goals one sets sight on. When clubs come into play, one must move quickly and not rest on your laurels. When the opportunity is there, take advantage of it. Sometimes a club is simply a warning to slow down and not expend so much energy. The suit of clubs are ruled by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Dealing with new beginnings, ones pleasure and ego and how we gain knowledge and understanding.

  • Help from a friend or spouse. New friends and a successful marriage.

  • The five of Clubs calls for someone new to enter the picture, a new friend or a successful liaison with the opposite sex.

  • Five of Clubs: New friendships are made. A romantic time for close relationships. Social life is harmonious.

  • 5 ~ Dentist, getting dental work done

  • The five is a marriage card, usually representing a happy future for both parties.

Well it seems that this is an energetic, romantic time with dental work involved. I tell you, I may get more than my teeth drilled by the Lovely One if I meet a new, romantic interest.

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BIG SKY CHEF said...

Murphys Law does say a Smith & Wesson beats 4 Aces