Boat Laundry

Living on a boat seems like a romantic idea. It is the dream of one of my colleagues. Our real estate agent here in the tropics lives on his boat. It all sounds fine and dandy, until you consider the details. Laundry is one of them. There are no dryers and washers unless you are on a super yacht. You have to hang your laundry anywhere you can find the space on a boat. Consider these pictures.

It looks so ghetto to hang your laundry on any available space. Laundry is just one consideration. There are many others.

For example, suppose you have guests on your boat, and you are suddenly hit with a major bout of gastro-intestinal distress. You run to the head, do your business, and soon the whole boat knows it, because they can smell it.

Or suppose that you have your kids aboard, and you wish to get amorous with your wife. Totally out of the question.

Living on a boat, to me, isn't as romantic as it sounds. It seems like a good idea if you are a loner. If you need company, it is a yacht or nothing.

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